Find out how Bert and his team at Future Bars use Loaded to raise performance and drive growth of new venues.

Find out how Bert and his team at Future Bars use Loaded to raise performance and drive growth of new venues.
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Tell us a little about the Future Bars Story?

We are a Queenstown born and bred company with owners who have practised hospitality in plenty of far flung parts of the globe. We’ve taken a little bit of the best parts of hospitality we’ve been privileged to enjoy and packaged it up as best as we can into all of our venues.

While our offering in each venue is very different, in fact i’m not sure you couldn’t be more different than a Mexican restaurant and an Ice Bar, we hope that customers will feel the common thread of high energy hospitality delivered by people who are really stoked to have you with them in whichever of our outlets they are visiting.

What were you looking for when you implemented Loaded?

We really want to run a really successful business, and that means having really good control over all of our operations and key areas of expense like labour and cost of goods. When we found Loaded we knew we could get the great control but also get the team onboard as it actually makes their lives easier and means they get more freedom to operate how they want to, so long as they’re achieving their key targets which are super easy for us to keep an eye on via Loaded.

What's been an unexpected outcome from implementing Loaded?

What we were surprised about was how much our staff communication improved. Managers between sites started talking the same language because they were doing everything at their venues exactly the same way. This has meant that they can help each other out more particularly if a site has an issue that they’re struggling to get on top of, other staff within the group are much more likely to be able to help get it sorted.

What's in store for Future Bars going forward?

We’re keeping pretty busy, after opening a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic we’re also looking to roll out a new venue in the not to distant future, we love the energy of putting together a new brand and a new product and the opportunities it provides for the team who have worked so hard to help us get where we are today.

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