Manage your revenue, labour & cost of goods in real time from one software hub.

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Manage your revenue, labour & cost of goods in real time from one software hub.
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Integrate Loaded with your existing systems.

We integrate Loaded with your existing Point of Sale System and sync this data to the cloud in real time.

Then once you start using Loaded you can export directly to your payroll system, your accounting system and order directly from all of your suppliers.

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Watch your stress levels drop and your profits soar.

There is two types of hospitality owners and managers in the world, those that are chasing growth and profitability and those that are chasing a better lifestyle while still getting to run the business that they love.

Loaded has been designed so that you can achieve both goals and we often find our customers are surprised when they look back after implementing Loaded at just how much their stress levels have dropped and just how much their overall profitability has increased.

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People like you

Find out how hospitality owners and managers like you are using Loaded to get their lives back, spend more time on the work they love and drive profitability and growth.

The introduction of Loaded was the key turning point for us. After fully implementing all of the key parts of Loaded we had a cornerstone system to run our business from. Over a 2 year period we utilised Loaded to increase our profitability by 220%.

Liz Perkins
Monteiths Brewery Bar

Ever since we introduced Loaded into our business our gross profit has just got better and better.

Steve Logan
Logan & Brown

We have always struggled to feel completely on top of our stock and labour management, and were stoked to finally find a product built by hospitality operators which works exactly the way it should and has ended up helping us save a stack of money in the process.

Bjorn Peterson
Woody's Surf Shack - Byron Bay

How can we help you best?

It’s likely we already have the solution for the issues that are keeping you awake at night.

Feeling like you don’t have control.

Lot’s of people we meet in the industry sum up the lack of control they have over their business like this;

“It’s a challenge, we all know what we want the end result to be. We all know that at the end of the day we want to get a better handle on how the business is going and how we can improve it, but not being able to get those numbers easily and have that path to improvement is exceedingly frustrating”

So we start at Loaded by giving you the key reports that you need to manage your revenue, your labour and your cost of goods. Then we provide the tools for you and the team to manage these areas in the simplest way possible.

Our goal is for you to feel like this;

“My shoulders have dropped three inches since we started last month. Even though i can see it’s going to take us a little while to get there, I can actually see a clear path for getting a handle on everything and we’re already making improvements across the board because it’s so easy to use and the team actually like it. yay!”

Working too many hours?

Unfortunately we see the outcome of hospitality owners and managers working too many hours, over and over again.

What starts as a creative passion, quickly ends up as a huge amount of stress, long hours and a feeling of not being in control.

The Loaded Hub has been designed so that you can implement our revenue, team, and stock tools in a stepwise manner to take control of your business and run all of your operations from one place.

You will still need to bring the desire and the energy to transform your business into an efficient, consistently performing operation, but we’ll be there to show you the exact steps we took to get our 13 site hospitality business absolutely humming, and how 1000’s of other creative, passionate hospitality owners and manager like you have taken control of their business and got their lives back.

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Cost of goods too high?

Join the long line of hospitality owners and managers who are struggling to get control of their Cost of Goods.

The problem with most stock systems, is they don’t do everything you need from one place, so you end up with your ordering in a bunch of different places, your recipes in another, your invoices sitting in your accounting system entirely separate from everything else, your stocktaking in your POS or being done by someone who charges you an arm and a leg and finally if you’re lucky a spreadsheet from 1997 that you use to try and bring it all together.

We had exactly the same problem, so we worked on a system, where you do all of your ordering and recieving of stock, your recipe management, your menu and margin analysis, your stocktaking, and all of your reporting. We even export out to your accounting system so your cost of goods always lines up with your financials.

We’ve got documented case studies of customers who have decreased their cost of goods by 8% using Loaded, resulting in over $200,000 of increased net profit.

View the full stock feature list here.

Spreadsheets killing your buzz?

You’ll find very few accountants have had to complete a spreadsheet after a 12 hour shift at 4am in the morning. That’s why we recommend when someone says to you, “I can build a spreadsheet for you that can do that for free”, you should run for the hills.

Don’t get us wrong there is lots of jobs the faithful spreadsheet delivers strongly on, but just like the Cranberry and Brie panini is no longer the top selling item at every cafe across Australasia, the sun is setting on the spreadsheet.

The ideal thing about cloud software is that your whole team are working from the same system, looking at the same information and completing everything in exactly the same way so that you get one true way of managing your business the same way, every day.

Our most creative customers tell us they love that someone else has thought through all of the maths and data that drives their revenue, labour, cost of goods and profitability and all they have to do is get their team to pickup their phone or tablet and engage in the tools that help manage every key part of their operations.

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